When Autumn comes, the temperature difference between day and night will be large. Cool in the morning and night but hot in the afternoon. Because of the low resistance, kids will be easier to get a cold when the seasons change. This requires the guardians to adjust the kids dressing timely. Here, 6 tips for kids dressing, helping kids having a happy and healthy autumn.

When the weather’s getting cool, some parents will be in a hurry to dress their children more warmly. Just calm down. Kids are not that cold. They keep running, jumping and never stop. So, you can dress them as many as adults do. If adults sit still and don’t feel cold, neither do kids.


When there is large temperature difference between day and night, it’s recommended to dress your kids like this:

Jacket, skirt, stockings

It’s better to wear a t-shirt or a thin long sleeves in the jacket. Just take off the jacket when it is hot. Or you can put on the jacket when you feel cool. It’s convenient to adjust your dressing according to the temperature. Stockings and skirt will be a good match. It’s warm and fashion.

Sweater, shirt, slacks

Dressing like this is also warm and fashion. When it’s warm, you can wear a thin shirt. If it’s getting cool, just put on the sweater. Last but not least, slacks will fit in well anywhere.

 kids dressing like sweater, shirt, slacks

Hey. Just tell you a secrete. Our baby kicking off their quilts is not for fun. They kick the quilt just because they feel hot! Mothers will always be worried about their children’s getting cold. So they cover a heavy quilt for the kids or wear the thick clothes for them. However, the kids will be much easier to sweat which will take away the kid’s temperature and let them cool down. At the midnight, when the mothers are in deep sleeping, they can’t recognize that their kids have kick off the quilts. And it’s easy for the kids to get a cold.

So don’t dress too much when the kids are sleeping. You can judge their temperature through their hands, feet, neck and back. Dressing the proper pajamas and sleep bags can avoid the cold effectively.

Thin baby romper

For little babies, it’s recommended to wear romper to sleep. Because it can protect the baby’s belly from getting cold.

thin baby romper

Split pajama

For elder kids, it’s better to wear split pajama. Belting the tops with the trousers can also protect the kids from getting cold like romper.

kids dressing split pajama

When it’s getting cooler and cooler, some parents will reduce the kids’ outdoor activity time. This is absolutely not a good decision. Playing outdoor can help the kids absorb the rich vitamins from the sun as well as improving their physical quality and reducing the probability of getting a cold. When you the kids play outdoor, they can dress like this:

Hoodie, jeans

Wearing hoodie and jeans will never be a bad choice. It’s cool and fashion. Dress a t-shirt or vest under the hoodie will be better because they can be changed easily once the kids sweat.

hoodie, jeans

Wind breaker, slacks

The wind breaker can protect you from the cool autumn wind. Of course, you can take it off when you feel hot.

wind breaker slacks kids dressing
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