Some mothers wonder why their babies begin to suffer from constipation after adding baby food. The baby is hard to expel and giving more water or vegetables still can not help with it.

Actually, constipation is not because of adding baby food. The real reason is adding it in the inappropriate way.

It’s a big learning about baby food. Adding it in the wrong way can cause baby constipation or diarrhea.


The Constipation after Adding Baby Food

Some babies expel once a day when they have breastmilk. However, when they begin to have baby food, they become hard to expel or expel erratically. Are they really constipated?

Most of the mothers misunderstand baby constipation. They think that constipation equals to the reduce of frequency of expelling.

In fact, after adding solid or semisolid baby food will directly change the baby’s excrement. The excrement will become solid from liquid. At the same time, the frequency of defecation will reduce. These changes are very common. It’s no need to worry about the constipation.

However, parents should pay attention if the baby is hard to expel or cry whenever he or she wants to expel. The baby is probably suffering from the constipation. Bellows are the main 4 reasons causing constipation and 3 good tips to solve the problems.

1.The Baby is Allergic to the Baby Food

The main reason why baby constipates after having a kind of new baby food is because the baby is allergic to that. Mother should add only one kind of new baby food at every time so that it’s easier to figure out which food makes baby allergic when the baby constipation happens.

Tips: When mother finds that her baby might be allergic to some food, she should stopping giving that kind of food for a period of time, maybe some weeks or a month. If the baby still feels uncomfortable after retrying that food, mother should stopping giving it for a longer time.

2.The Insufficiency of Intake of Dietary Fiber

The dietary fiber can help to increase the movement of intestinal tract. If the body is lack of dietary fiber, the intestinal tract movement will become slow and make it hard to expel.

Tips: Mother should provide the baby with different kinds of high dietary fiber food. The high dietary fiber food includes mushrooms, peas, kiwis, pitayas, strawberries and so on. This kind of food can provide rich dietary fiber to the baby’s body which can prevent the baby from the constipation. By the way, many mothers will feed bananas to their babies when they are constipated. However, bananas can not help to solve constipation. It will make the situation even worse if the mother gives the wrong ones, such as banana.

3.The Insufficiency of Intake of Fat

For the baby under one year old, breastmilk or formulate milk will be the main energy source because the milk is rich in fat. Therefore, ensure that the baby intakes enough milk will be very important. Even after adding baby food, milk is still the staple food for the baby.

For the baby after one year old, breakfast, lunch and dinner will become the main source of energy. Baby often takes in the food which is rich in carbohydrate but lack of fat which can easily cause the baby constipation.

Tips: Increasing the proportion of food which is rich in fat. For example, the milk, dairy products, meat, eggs, nuts and oil.

4.The Lack of Exercise

The lack of exercise will slow down the movement of intestinal tract and make the baby can not expel successfully. Though the baby under one year old can only do limited exercises by himself/herself, the mother can help the baby with it.

Tips: The mother can help the baby do some exercises, let the baby turn over himself/herself or crawl. Doing more exercises can help to increase the movement of intestinal tract and good for the expelling.


The Diarrhea after Adding Baby Food

Some babies will suffer from diarrhea every after they had baby food. And the diarrhea will last for a few days. Bellows are the 3 main reasons causing baby diarrhea and 3 tips to deal with it.


The most common reason is also the baby’s allergic to some new food.

Tips: Just like the way doing with baby constipation. Mother should stop giving that kind of food if she thinks that the food causes diarrhea for a while. The baby can retry the food after a few weeks to see if the baby still suffers from diarrhea after having it. If yes, mother should stop feeding the food for a longer time.


The gastrointestinal function of little baby is not developed well yet which makes baby’s easy to suffer from diarrhea if the baby had some inappropriate food.

It’s very common that the baby experiences diarrhea after he or she is too full or had too much fat. This is caused by dyspepsia. If the diarrhea is caused by dyspepsia, the defecation will smell sour and find some food debris in it. This kind of diarrhea often lasts for two or three days. Stopping feeding breastmilk or formulate milk can shorten the disease.

However, it’s not possible for the baby under one year old to stop having milk because the milk is the main food for them.

Tips: Before feeding milk, mother could give some baby food which is easy to digest. For instance, the noodles and mashed potatoes. Before the recovery, mother should avoid feeding the food which is rich in fat.


The infection can be divided into two kinds: viral infection and bacterial infection. For the babies who infects bacteria, they will have a sudden diarrhea and recover soon. However, the bacterial infection is not the main reason of baby diarrhea. Because most of the mothers will clean the baby food very well.

It’s more common that baby get diarrhea caused by the viral infection, like Norovirus and Rotavirus. These two kinds of virus are caused by the unclean hands.


Tips: If the mother thinks that the baby is infectious diarrhea, she should bring the baby to the hospital or contact the family doctor immediately. It can be diagnosed by the defection detection.

For the bacterial infected diarrhea, having antibiotic can shorten the disease. However, there’s no specific medicine for the viral infected diarrhea.

During the diarrhea, it’s important to add complementary water so as to prevent the baby from dehydration. Mother can give water or the food which is rich in water, like noodles, porridge and so on. If it’s serious, mother can give the oral rehydration salt (ORS) under the doctor’s guidance.

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