What’s Considered A Baby Fever

Usually, the normal temperature of a baby should be 97.7 to 99.5 degree Fahrenheit or 36.5 to 37.5 degree centigrade. The temperature above 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or 38 degree centigrade should be considered as a baby fever.

Most of the people’s temperature will change a little during a day, usually a little lower in the morning and a little higher at night. And the baby temperature will also have some changes during he or she is playing or doing some exercises.

When infant fever happens, you’d better do some preparation. Because infant fever is a symptom of a sick baby. Having a fever represents that immune system is fighting against with the disease or the infection.

baby fever

What Caused Baby Fever

Fever is not a kind of disease. It should be considered as a symptom. Having a baby fever means that the immune system works and the body’s fighting with the disease.

In most of the cases, if your baby suffers from fever, you should be careful for the baby pneumonia, urinary tract infection, ear infection or other serious infections like blood bacterial infection and meningitis. Those kinds of infection can lead to the baby fever.

Newborn fever should also be brought to the forefront. If the newborn temperature is above 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or 38 degree centigrade, parents should contact the family doctor or go to the hospital to have a check.

The reasons below can also cause the baby fever:

  • After the vaccination, some babies or children will have a low fever. The baby fever temperature will between 97.7 to 99.5 degree Fahrenheit or 37.5 to 38.5 degree centigrade.
  • The baby temperature will become a little higher when the baby is wearing too much clothes or staying in the hot outdoor for a long time. This kind of fake fever will disappear if the parents take off baby’s clothes or bring the baby to some comfortable places.
  • Baby teething maybe causes a fever, but the temperature is usually lower than 100.94 degree Fahrenheit or 38.3 degree centigrade.

It’s no need to worry if the baby fever caused by the reasons mentioned above. Because these kind of fever is not cause by the infection but the high temperature of surroundings. The parents maybe wonder the fever in baby when to worry. If the baby fever temperature is higher than 40 degree centigrade or 105 degree Fahrenheit, the parents should make some measures to lower the baby fever temperature immediately.

Baby Fever and Temperture

Parents should know that wearing too much or staying in the hot place can cause baby have a red cheek and temperature higher. However, it’s not a fever. Also, the higher baby fever temperature does not equal to the more serious disease. Baby usually have fever for 5 days to 7 days if it’s caused by the infections. Sometimes the fever goes away and comes back days later. Parents maybe wonder what temperature should you go to the hospital. If the baby have the persistent fever, parents should take the baby to the hospital for a check.

Below are some of the suggested measures to lower the temperature:

  • Assail the nostrils with cool water.
  • Fan the baby.
  • Bring the baby to somewhere cooler.

How to Take A Baby’s Temperature

You can take a baby’s temperature through rectum, mouth, ear, armpit or temple. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests baby use the digital thermometer instead of mercury thermometer. Because the broken of mercury thermometer will cause the exposure of Mercury and serious intoxication.

Rectum thermometer can provide the most accurate temperature and it’s easy to drag-in the baby. Before using rectum thermometer, you should clean the thermometer with clean water or alcohol. Lying the baby on the bed and make the baby’s legs bend to the breast. Put some Vaseline around the thermometer and then drag-in the baby’s rectum slightly and wait for about 2 minutes. After the bells of thermometer rings, you can put the thermometer out and read the temperature.

take a baby temperature

When Should You Go to the Hospital for A Baby Fever

For the Newborn Baby

The newborn fever (baby under 3 months) or the newborn temperature is above 38 degree centigrade or 100.4 degree Fahrenheit, parents should take the baby to the hospital as soon as possible. Even if the low fever can means serious infection of the newborn baby. So the parents should pay high attention to the newborn fever and detect the newborn temperature more frequently.

For the Baby Older than 3 Months

If your child is between 3 months to 3 years old, you should call for your family doctor to see if it’s necessary to go to the hospital when your kid’s temperature is above 39 degree centigrade or 102.2 degree Fahrenheit.

For the elder baby, parents should consider his or her symptoms and behaviors so as to judge if the child has serious disease. Fever for 5 days are very common, however parents are very worried about their child because of the persistent fever.

Observe Baby’s Situation

If you find your baby with the following symptoms, you should bring him to the hospital as quickly as you can:

  • Sleepy
  • Hard to breathe
  • Erythra is hard to disappear
  • With stiff neck and sharp headache or epilepsy
  • Keep crying
  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Feels weak
  • Dehydration(cry without tears or oliguria)
  • Baby fever last for over 5 days

If your baby has the following behaviors, you can just keep observing and no need to hurry to the hospital:

  • Play well
  • Good appetite
  • Smile towards you
  • Healthy skin color
  • Everything’s good expect for the temperature

How to Bring down the Baby Fever

The Baby Fever Medicine

If your baby feels uncomfortable or dysphoric, you can give some baby fever medicine like acetaminophen and ibuprofen depending on the baby’s age and weight under the guidance.

But please don’t feed the aspirin to the kid under 16 years old. If you don’t know how much medicine or which medicine you should feed, just contact your doctor and get your suggestion.

Don’t feed any fever medicine to the newborn baby who is under 3 months without doctor’s check. Remember that fever medicine can only lower the fever temperature temporary but can not heal the disease at all.

Family Measures

Take off some clothes from your baby or cover the baby with light quilt or blanket. Too much clothes or heavy quilt will prevent the heat from getting out of the body. Even worse, they will cause the higher fever temperature.

It’s also important to ensure the indoor temperature is comfortable for the baby, not too cool or not too hot. Some parents choose to bath the baby with slightly warm water.

However, it will only lower the temperature temporary. Don’t use the alcohol or cool water to lower the temperature. Because the skin will absorb the alcohol which can lead to the intoxication.

Food and Drink

Parents should provide plenty of liquid in case of the dehydration. Because the sick baby who is suffering from the fever will lose the body liquid more quickly.

Water, soup or ice blocks can be good choices. Avoid the coffee, cola or tea, because they can accelerate the dehydration.

If your baby is also suffering from vomit or diarrhea, you should contact the doctor and see if it’s necessary to feed some fluid infusion.

In addition, fruit and juice can not help it at all. Please prevent the baby having too much fruit or juice. Last but not least, don’t force the baby to have some food they don’t like.

Take it Easy

It’s important to ensure the sick baby has enough rest. However, it’s not good for the baby to lie on the bed all the day. So don’t force the sick baby to have rest all the time.

Parents can also let the baby go back to the kindergarten or school after the temperature becomes normal. Doctors suggest that the baby whose temperature return normal for 24 hours can go back to school.


Fever can make people fear. However, fever is not a kind of disease itself. It’s a symptom of the body’s immune system fighting against with the disease.

It’s more important for the parents to observe the sick baby’s behavior and judge the degree of the disease. If the baby looks uncomfortable, just try best to make the baby feel better. If not sure about the baby’s temperature or behavior, just contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Most of the baby fever will last for only a few days. They will become normal after the temperature lower down. Judging the baby’s situation through their behaviors is much more important than by the temperature. If parents’ not sure about the baby’s situation or disease, it’s better to contact the doctor and ask for help.

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