How do parents respond if the baby fell off bed? What should be observed after the babies fall down from bed? Under what circumstances do parents need to take the child to the hospital? How to prevent the baby from falling off the bed?

Many parents may have had such an experience. The child slept well in the room, and then suddenly there was a “bang”, followed by the child’s cry. The parents rushed into the room in shock, and found the child lying on the ground. And yes, the baby rolls off bed. At that moment, the parents are very annoyed and also very worried about the baby. Because they don’t know if the child has broken. If the child has been vomiting or not being flexible, the parents are even more panicked.

Many parents may wonder what to do if my baby fell off the bed and hit his head. Also wonder what to do if baby falls off bed on hard surface. Don’t be worry, this passage will give parents some guidance and help them ease their anxiety.

baby fell off the bed

What Should Be Observed After the Babies Fall Down From Bed?

After the adult is injured, they can express it accurately. But the children are different. After the baby are scared, suffered a fall or serious injuries, they may express it in only one way: cry. So how should the parents observe and judge?

Observe the Environment

For example, the height of the bed, the ground conditions, and the body parts that may be stressed. It may have different consequences depends on falling from high and low places, falling on tiles or the floor, buttocks or heads. Knowing the environment is helpful for parents and doctors to analyze and judge.

Observe the Baby

The parents can check in the order of “head and neck-trunk-limbs”, according to the degree of danger. Parents can first observe the child’s mental state, and then see if the head has redness, depression, ulceration, bleeding or abnormal fluid in the mouth and nose. Then check the chest and abdomen for scars, whether there is any abnormal response to the touch or abnormal movement of the hands and feet. To see whether the baby keeps crying when gently touching.

Observe the Follow-up Reaction

When the baby fell off bed, whether the child was crying immediately, or was losing consciousness at the time, is the great reference significance for the judgment of the condition. The parents also need to pay attention to the baby’s follow-up reaction, such as whether there is vomiting or the mental state is different from usual or not.

What to Do If the Baby Fells off Bed?

After the baby fells off bed, if there is no obvious injury after the observation, the parents can hold it up to appease. Be careful to protect the suspected injured part, especially the head, neck and spine. 

If it is observed that the baby has obvious injuries, especially the swelling and deformation of the spine and lower limbs, avoid moving the baby. Especially not to shake or try to reset the deformed part, so as not to cause secondary injury. Instead, call an ambulance. Medical staff fix and transfer the injured part of the baby. If the injured part is on the upper extremity, the parents can use a scarf, belt, etc. to hang and fix the injured upper extremity on the neck and take it to the hospital.

If there are bleeding wounds, the parents can find clean cloths, such as gauze, clothes, etc., to stop the bleeding, and then take the baby to the hospital.

What Situations Need To Send the Baby to the Hospital in Time?

After the baby falling off bed and crying, the parents can see if the baby can roll, crawl or stand. If the baby can walk without vomiting and also have a good appetite, then basically can be assured that the child does not have major damage.

If the baby is crying after falling off bed, there are fixed parts of the body that are not allowed to touch, or there are limbs that cannot move normally on their own, or frequent vomiting, and cannot eat, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Of course, it is more important to pay attention to the mental state. To see the baby whether always wants to sleep, and whether he can respond to the parents’ teasing as usual. If these situations occur, or if the parents themselves are mentally unsound, it’s suggested to send the baby to the hospital in time.

How to Prevent the Baby From Falling off the Bed

After the babies fall down, regardless of whether there is serious injury, parents are inevitable to worry about it. To reduce unnecessary injury and worries, prevention is still the key.

Judging from the currently published literature, the falling bed is mainly seen in children under 2 years old. This should be related to the child’s lively and active safety and lack of safety awareness. Of course, it is also related to the parent’s safety awareness, such as putting the child on an adult bed. Put the baby on the sofa to sleep, and then the child rolls in his sleep. Or wakes up and crawls to find an adult, and then an accident occurs.

To minimize the accident of baby falling down, the baby should be kept in a crib with a protective fence or a crib with a guardrail. At the same time, avoid stacking pillows or quilts on the crib.

baby keeps in a crib

Only by maintaining safety awareness at all times and avoiding the luck psychology, while letting parents and nanny understand these safety knowledge together, can we give our children more protections.

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