What Is Baby Constipation

Constipation is a frequent occurrence of baby which means that the baby is difficult to defecate or the defecation is too dry and hard to expel or the interval between defecation is too long. The reasons causing constipation are various. The two main reasons are functional constipation which can be cured and the congenital malformation of intestinal system which can not be cured. Luckily, most cases are functional constipation.


The Value of Banana

Banana is high-calories as well as high nutritional value. Besides, banana contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins. For little baby and young child, the Vitamin A inside is very good for their growth. It can also strengthen the resistance and improve the vision. All in all, banana is a good fruit for children. However, it’s useless for constipation. Let’s figure it out.


Banana Can Not Help with Baby Constipation

Banana is soft and lubricating, so most people think that it can help to deal with the constipation. When children meet constipation, parents always would like to give them some bananas and hope that they can defecate easier.

In fact, for the child who gets constipation, adding extra fibre is useless for it. If the child has already taken in enough fibre in the diet, it’s not necessary to add extra fibre. On the contrary, if fibre intake is inadequate, prune, strawberry, blueberry, broccoli and peas which are high-fibre will be the best choice for being extra supplements. Unfortunately, banana is low-fibre and therefore it can not help with constipation.


But Prune Can!

Prune is not only rich in fibre, but also rich in sorbitol. The sorbitol inside is much higher than other fruit. So, if child gets constipation, eating some prunes will be more effective than eating bananas. Besides, juice can also ease the constipation. Prune juice, apple juice and pear juice are recommended. But the healthy children are not suggested to drink much juice, because the high-sugar can cause tooth decay and obesity.

prune can help with baby constipation

Green Banana Can Cause Constipation

The starch and pectin in green banana are very high, which is easy to cause constipation or worse the situation. So, it’s suggested that the children who get constipation can not eat banana, especially green banana. In fact, banana can cure diarrhea instead of constipation. Some reports even show that green banana can ease diarrhea or shorten the time of diarrhea.

green banana can cause constipation

In Conclusion

For the serious constipation, polyethylene glycol and lactulose can help to ease the situation. For the slight constipation, adjusting the diet is enough to solve the problem.

If children drink little water or eat little fruit and vegetables in the daily, giving them more water, fruit and vegetables will be helpful. Choosing fruit and vegetables should give priority to those mentioned above, but not banana. If really want to eat some bananas, ripe banana is a better choice.

In conclusion, banana can not help to deal with baby constipation. Green banana can even make it worse. Prune is the better choice.

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